I am soooo excited for our samples. We went to see the first sample last week, it was beautiful and not even done to the right length or in our own fabric. Now we wait for our fabric to come to life in the form of beautiful dresses and off the shoulder tees!! We have some beautiful colours selected, deep sea, sand, clay and crisp white, I can’t wait to see how they each shape up…. I was hoping for this week but seeing as though it is Thursday already, the outlook isn’t good – might have to contain myself until next week. I’m like a cauldron, practically bubbling over with excitement here.




Brought to you by Avenue Muse – ASHOKA!

Ashoka will be an accessories line made with love. We will personally design and hand make every single item, each item will be entirely unique and one off. Can it get anymore special than that??

We plan to focus on stand out accessories that are a bit left of centre but completely wearable. All items will absolutely compliment and lusciously accompany any outfit.

Take a sneak peak at our brand concepts done by the talented Miss Daniela:


Let us know which concepts you like the best, can’t wait to get some feedback – Both positive 😮 and negative 😦 !!

Plus, an extra special sneak peak at some inspiring pieces:

Inspirational Pieces

Inspirational Pieces


The Mini… hat.

When riffling through beads, fabrics, charms, feathers and buttons the other day- something with potential caught my eye. Some small, straw mini hats were hanging ever so sweetly on the rack next to me. I stepped closer and looked over the assorted sizes, all in natural straw. I think I even picked one up and contemplated what I could do with it. Ideas buzzed around my head for sprucing and spiffing, yet when I got to the part of envisioning it adorned upon an everyday outfit…. well, that was the point where I lay the mini topper back down to rest.

Having now stumbled upon Alexa Chung, whom has pulled off this look so effortlessly, I wonder if I had abandoned the idea too soon? Thoughts?


Cute as a button mini-hat

Cute as a button mini-hat

So, lovely Carly magically found for us a local company that manufactures organic cotton tee’s! Super excited as we were, Catheryn and I jumped in our automobile and headed on down to currumbin – Nice and loco. Once there we met two very nice guys who have now been in business for 5 years. They seem to have built up quite a successful little business, good on them I say. Plus they were extremely helpful and spent a couple of hours departing some all important info onto us. They talked us through their products, the variations allowed, pattern making, sample making, materials, processes, turn around times, garment washing, labelling, printing styles and, well I’m sure there was more… but you get the point, we learnt ALOT.

We decided to grab a couple of thier shirts to investigate further. Time to see how they wear and wash and to weigh up their pro’s and cons.

Will keep you posted with how they measure up!

I'm wearing one right now!

Daniella came across this… Made me pause, thought it was vulnerably sweet.To be determined.

Compliments of our lovely designer, Daniela.

Compliments of our lovely designer, Daniela.

We are in the midst of devising a mood board. First of all, a mood board to encapsulate the Avenue Muse brand and from here a Mood Board for our first ‘collection.’

We will update this page with our moodiest boards as we collect and establish them. For now, take a look at the accompanying image to see the direction we are heading in.

cotton farmingCotton, cotton, cotton! Why are so many clothes all made of 100% cotton yet look and feel entirely different? I just don’t understand it… well, not yet anyhow.

We headed to the shops today to scour the racks for some knowledge and direction. Not sure if that’s exactly what we got, as I left with even more questions than I had before hand. Rayon, Viscose, Tencel, Nylon, Silk, Modal, Elastaine, Cotton… Slub Cotton?? The look and feel of each item changed as we delved into the depths of each store, with some items leaving more lasting impressions than others. Of all the items viewed, I was sold on Viscose an Cotton – So basically it was down to Synthetic VS Natural…

I believe in the beauty of all things natural, things that have occurred over time without the interference of ‘man’. One thing I have come to see and bear witness to is the lasting powers of cotton. It is everlasting. Timeless, versatile and worn by the masses; something that I feel must be explored further.